Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008 * 2:08AM

In another big match-up on the April ULTRA, "Straight Edge" Brian Fury battles Jason 'Rumble' of The Uprising one-on-one.

2008 kicked off with a bang when President Cena announced that Fury was returning to the MWF after four plus years.  Fury is an MWF original, competing in the first match on the first event in company history.  His return will be a true test of his ability, as he faces 'Rumble,' one of the finest athletes in New England.  Part of The Uprising, one never knows what 'Rumble' might have up his sleeve.  Don't miss this one.

Saturday, June 21st - Good Time Emporium - Somerville, MA
Abyss - The Iron Sheik - "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal
Chris Sabin - Homicide - John Cena Sr.
Live Wrestling - VIP Question & Answer Session - FanFest
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