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The following interview with J-Busta was conducted by Dan Mirade on the February MWF ULTRA.  Due to time constraints, the entire interview was uanble to air.  Below, read it word for word.

DM:  Fans, welcome back to the February MWF ULTRA, we're now joined by one half of the Millennium Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions J-Busta.  J-Busta, everyone's talking about you once again - there's a big surprise.  This time it's your big announcement you posted on MWFprowrestling.com this past week where you've stuck it to Beau Douglas again.  You've post dated one of these contracts you accessed when John Cena Sr. was suspended this fall, and if he doesn't leave Somerville as MWF Tag Team Champion on March 29th he never gets another opportunity.  What possessed you to do this and why?

JB:  One word - hate.  I hate Beau Douglas with a passion.  Can't stand him.  He represents everything I hate.  He's a good old American boy and he's a goody two shoes, walking around like he's the hottest thing going.  Do you know what else I hate?  I'll give you one word.  I think you know who that is.  John Cena Sr.

DM:  Well that was three words, not one.

JB:  Those two together, I hate.  I took that post dated contract and I'm telling you right now Beau if you're listening.  If you don't leave and you don't beat us, which you won't, kiss future title shots goodbye.  And John Cena Sr. if you get in my way, I'll break your legs.  No ifs, ands or buts about it, I will break you down.

DM:  That's not a smart thing to say about the president and minority owner of the Millennium Wrestling Federation, we'll talk a little more about that momentarily.  Let's get back to Beau Douglas.  You screwed him out of the MWF Tag Team Titles the first time back in the spring of 2006, and again this past October, which aired on the November MWF ULTRA.  This time it was him and Road Dogg you stuck the knife in the back to.  So why are you allowing Beau Douglas to pick his own tag team partner at the NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS March 29th?

JB:  Why am I allowing him to pick his own partner?  Because of one thing.  He can't beat us.  He can take the whole locker room in the MWF and he still can't beat us.  There's nobody in that locker room. . .there's nobody he can find around that can beat the Canadian Superstars. 

DM:  Let's take a look at the list of possible partners he could choose from.  Now remember your former manager-now enemy, Johnny Fabulous, John Cena Sr. himself helped you stab him in the back the first time in 2006 and it was stated that Beau Douglas and Todd Hanson could never challenge for the MWF Tag Team Titles again until you and your partner Dave Cole lost them.  That has happened.  Perhaps Beau Douglas could choose the Millennium Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion Todd Hanson as his partner.

JB:  And look at everytime we faced them.  We lost to them once, big deal.  Who's got the belts now?  Look who's helpless.  They wouldn't have a chance...they wouldn't have a prayer.  Beau better pray he picks the best partner...he better pray he has a chance. 

DM:  Let's talk about another one of his ex-partners, his former tag team championship partner, one of the greatest tag team wrestlers of this generation, Road Dogg BG James.  The man that you and Dave Cole actually pinned to win the match this past fall.  He wants a piece of the Uprising in the worst of ways, especially the Canadian Superstars. 

JB:  And look at what that's all about.  Road Dogg, your time is up.  You're too old now.  The new generation's in, and that's the Canadian Superstars.  What are you going to do, blame your bum knees?  Mr. I'm The Greatest Tag Team Champion Ever, that doesn't mean anything, I'm holding the gold with Dave Cole, and what are you holding??  Between your legs, and that's about it. 

DM:  That was certainly uncalled for and dispicable, it's just going to add fuel to the fire and make the Dogg's bite just a little bit deeper when he gets his hands on the two of you. 

JB:  I'm not afraid of dog bites. 

DM:  Well. . .or Dave Cole bites, but that's a different story for a different time.  Let's talk about another man you've had an issue with here in the Millennium Wrestling Federation.  WWE superstar and the head trainer for the promotion, no pun intended, Al Snow. 

JB:  One word, syllables.  Al Snow, you can't even do anything about this.  You were given an opportunity and you showed your true colors.  Where are you?  The head trainer?  I don't care who you are.  I'll pin you 1-2-3.  And I'll look over you staring up at the lights and say "you're a loser." 

DM:  Who will ever forget that henous attack back in 2006 where you, Johnny and Dave Cole attempted to scalp Beau Douglas?  You took his hair and threw it out onto the fans sitting in the front row.  If it wasn't for Al Snow who knows what kind of damage you would have done to Beau Douglas and Bull Montana, the manager of champions. 

JB:  I was doing Beau a favor.  He had that raggy mop on the top of his head.  I was just trying to give a guy a haircut who needed one.  I was going to help give him a shower, too.  That's what he is, he's a groveler. 

DM:  Yes, that is one word we've heard over and over again.  You refer to him as the biggest groveler in professional wrestling.  Why is that?

JB:  What's he do for a living?

DM:  He's a professional athlete. 

JB:  Is he?  What's he holding right now?  What do professional athletes hold?  Multi million dollar contracts like me and Dave Cole have.  What are multi million dollar athletes?  They're champions.  Beau Douglas, are you a champion?  Think about that for a second - no!  The Canadian Superstars wear the gold that you desperately want so bad.  But guess what?  You're nothing.  You're a paycheck player Beau Douglas.  You'll never be up in the million dollar club, you'll never become a champion. 

DM:  Do you and Dave Cole have any partners you are hopeful Beau will select?

JB:  I don't care.  He can pick from the whole MWF locker room, and I'll pin each and every one of them 1-2-3. 

DM:  Alright, there you have it folks.  Saturday night, March the 29th, it will be the Canadian Superstars defend the MWF Tag Team Titles against Beau Douglas and a partner of either Beau or the MWF's choosing, it's going to be interesting to see who it's going to wind up being on what's already shaping up to be a huge night of action in Somerville, MA.  J-Busta, let's get back to the second topic at hand. . .this on-going war now with the President of the Millennium Wrestling Federation, John Cena Sr.  It's been revealed that you were the one that was behind that henious attack in Salem, MA when the "Million Dollar Investment" Tommaso Ciampa and Jimmy Jact Ca$h hospitalized John Cena Sr.  What's the deal?  The man gave you a chance to make money in this business.  He screwed Todd Hanson and Beau Douglas to help give you the MWF Tag Team Titles.  You didn't even have the guts to be in the ring when the hit went down.  Why did you do it?  Why did you send Ciampa and Ca$h to do it, why didn't you do it yourself?

JB:  You know why?  Cena gave me the power and I loved it.  You know what?  I'm greedy, I love it. . .power, money, pride.  I had my men, my men, climb in the ring and hospitalize John Cena Sr.  You wanna know something?  It's because I'm the man, the man behind the champions that are born.  And you know what?  John Cena's power is gone.  Get in my way and try to stop my power. . .you know what?  I'll break your legs.  I said it once and I'll say it again.  I will break you down.  Get out of my way.  I have the power, I'm going to the top.  We're going to be the MWF Tag Team Champions for life.  Nobody, and I mean nobody, is going to take me down. 

DM:  One thing that concerns me J-Busta is that we've heard so much about these post dated contracts that you got your hands on.  You can use them for what you want, whenever you want, I just don't know how many you have.  You have this Uprising, which you've created yourself, not even with your partner Dave Cole.  This was your own pet project.  In The Uprising, you have yourself and Dave Cole - the MWF Tag Team Champion Canadian Superstars, you have "The Million Dollar Investment" Tommas Ciampa who's the MWF TV Champion, you have the self proclaimed Jason 'Rumble,' another fine athlete, and you have Jimmy Jact Ca$h, the most powerful man in the northeast.  What are your plans for the MWF on March 29th and going forward?

JB:  I'll make it simple, show up and you'll see.  I'll leave it at that baby.  I'll use my power and do whatever I want with it.  No one's gonna stop me.  I'm looking at a couple of other guys that are worth millions, that can be champions, that want to step up to the plate.  I've got my eye on a couple.  The rest, try to figure it out yourself. 

DM:  What about AJ Styles, he's been a part of your little group in the past?  What about Joey Mercury, former WWE Tag Team Champion?  Are we going to be seeing these athletes again?  Are we going to be able to get any information out of you? 

JB:  You know what?  You'll wait and see.

DM:  You might be a hell of an athlete in the ring, but you're a dispicable person without a spine.  After what you did to me this past June, I'd like to get in the ring with Beau Douglas March 29th

JB:  Good, do it and I'll take that other leg out.  You don't wanna mess with this.  I'm taking my power and nobody. . .nobody is gonna stop me. 

DM:  Well, The Uprising is in trouble.  Earlier tonight, Beau Douglas and Al Snow defeated Ca$h and Jason 'Rumble.'  After the break, President Cena is headed to ringside to keep an eye on the second half of the double main event.  It's going to be for the MWF TV Title, Tommaso Ciampa takes on "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal.  J-Busta, you're nowhere to be found.  Busta, are there any final thoughts while we have you here?

JB:  I've said one thing, and that's I'm using my power to take me to the top, and if anybody in the MWF, or anybody in the northeast, steps up to the plate to try to take my power, you better pray you have good medical insurance. 

DM:  You heard it from the horse's. . .ass himself, J-Busta.  Fans, we'll be back with the main event after this timeout. 

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