Sunday, July 29th, 2007 * 11:58PM

President Jackal released the following to

Johnny Fabulous informed MWF officials today that he refuses to compete in a wrestling match at SOUL SURVIVOR IV August 4th, as he is not a contracted professional wrestler.  This option was presented to Mr. Fabuous for falsifying MWF documentation.  He has the right to make that choice since he is not a trained wrestler.  Now that we have his intent in writing, the MWF was able to make the following decisions.

Johnny Fabulous is suspended without pay from Millennium Wrestling Federation live events for the next sixty days.  He will not be allowed in the building at SOUL SURVIVOR IV or FULL THROTTLE.

The Canadian Superstars (J-Busta & Dave Cole) will not be suspended due to their status as MWF Tag Team Champions.  They will be fined sixty days pay for their involvement in physically attacking Dan Mirade on June 16th and will be without the managerial services of Mr. Fabulous at ringside for that period.

The parties have been informed that they have the right to appeal this decision.

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