Saturday, July 28th, 2007 * 1:09AM

President Jackal sent the following to earlier tonight:

At MWF ROAD TO THE GOLD 2007, Dan Mirade was physically attacked by the MWF Tag Team Champion Canadian Superstars (J-Busta and Dave Cole) and their manager Johnny Fabulous.  While investigating the matter, Mr. Fabulous claimed that Dan Mirade spit on him.  The video tape was inconclusive.  Mirade then went on a tirade on the June MWF ULTRA television program.

Since my ruling, Mr. Mirade - at his own personal expense - hired television expert Steve Merken to analyze the video from three different angle.  The footage was cropped in a fashion where there it is clear that Dan Mirade did not spit on Johnny Fabulous prior to being attacked by the trio. 

Last month, I officially ruled that no action would be taken against Fabulous for the attack due to the video snafu.  However, we now know that Mr. Fabulous falsified MWF documents with this story and the MWF Board of Directors ruled that we can take action against Fabulous and the Canadians.  We have discussed both stripping them of the MWF Tag Team Titles and/or a fine. 

Dan Mirade made a personal request that I am going to give the greenlight to.  At SOUL SURVIVOR IV on August 4th, the three can avoid further action if they agree to compete in a six man tag team match - with the MWF Tag Team Titles still on the line - where it would be J-Busta, Dave Cole and Johnny Fabulous against Beau Douglas, Road Dogg and Dan MIrade.  If the latter team is victorious, Douglas and Road Dogg would become the win the titles.  Professional wrestling is a contact sport, and Mr. Mirade felt physical contact could be the best way for justice to be served.  Due to this being time sensative, Mr. Fabulous' legal representation has been informed they have until the close of business this Monday to inform the Millennium Wrestling Federation of it's intent. 

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