Tuesday, July 24th, 2007 * 8:01PM learned that not only will the illustrious Johnny Fabulous will be debuting his new, "million dollar investment" at SOUL SURVIVOR IV Saturday, August 4th at Good Time Emporium in Somerville, MA, but he will be competing one-on-one with New England's finest athlete "Hurricane" John Walters!

"My list of hungry, young athletes is growing by the day!," says the self proclaimed J-Fab.  "I have my MWF Tag Team Champion Canadian Superstars, I have Joey Mercury, I have Jason 'Rumble,' and now I have one of the finest wrestlers in the United States coming in to help re-name the MWF the Millennium Wrestling Fabulous!  Forget about all the hype Jackson Who? of BLOW 108FM is getting, my million dollar investment is going to be a threat to whoever leaves SOUL SURVIVOR as the MWF Heavyweight Champion.  The Canadians are going to squash the New Age Grovelers, Beau and Road Dogg.  Jason 'Rumble' is going to put Pussy Mulligan to sleep once and for all.  And another one of my new superstars, Joey Mercury, is going to end 'Die Hard' Eddie Edwards' two and a half year MWF Television Title reign.  SOUL SURVIVOR isn't New England wrestling's biggest event of the year, it will be the most FABULOUS event of the year!"

Walters has competed in the MWF on and off dating to 2002.  He was in action at SOUL SURVIVOR III in a MWF Triple Threat Television Championship match, where "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards retained the gold over Walters and Fergal Devitt.

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Saturday, August 4th * Good Time Emporium * Somerville, MA
The Millennium Wrestling Federation's Biggest Event of 2007!
Live Wrestling - VIP Q&A - Autograph & Photo Supershow