Monday, July 9th, 2007 * 12:44PM

Commissioner Von Johnson announced that another heated situation will come to a head at SOUL SURVIVOR IV as Tiger Mulligan will take on "Boston Bad Boy" Jason 'Rumble' (with Johnny Fabulous).  On the June edition of MWF ULTRA, 'Rumble' and Fabulous attacked Mulligan from behind in an attempt to re-injure his chronic knee after they heard about Mulligan's comments claiming that they've helped turn the MWF into a Halloween like atmosphere of imposters since he's been gone.  On the June MWF Xtra, 'Rumble' pinned "Black Lotus" Matt Ledge in singles competition, and while the victor celebrated with Johnny Fabulous, Tiger charged the ring with a steel chair.  The two were part of the six man All Star Challenge Match on the July ULTRA but nothing has been done to settle the bad blood that seems to get hotter by the week.

This will be 'Rumble's" first SOUL SURVIVOR appearance.  Fabulous made his MWF debut at SSIII, when he interfered in the eight man Lynn Street Fight.

Mulligan won the SOUL SURVIVOR competition on virtually one leg, outlasting sixteen athetes, to become the first MWF Heavyweight Champion and was presented the championship belt from WWE Hall of Famer Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.  Knee surgery forced Dr. Von Johnson to strip Tiger of the belt.  He battled back to return at SSII, challenging the new champion "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage in a classic thirty minute ladder match.  Mulligan had the match won, but the Trifecta's interference distracted the referee.  By the time he was focused on the ring again, Jimmy Jact Ca$h had snatched the belt and left it in the hands of Kage.  From there it was a three-on-one beatdown before Goldust saved the day.  At SSIII, Mulligan was signed to face Jimmy Jact Ca$h in a grudge match, however, someone (who indentified themselves as Todd Hanson) called Mulligan the morning of the event and claimed it was postponed.  Von Johnson went on to fire Mulligan on CHRISTMAS CLASH with Johnny Fabulous, but the fire still exists in Mulligan's soul. . .and at this year's SOUL SURVIVOR, he's ready to do whatever he needs to do to get closer to capturing the championship he feels he ever lost.

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