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Officials have announced a huge tag team title match for SOUL SURVIVOR IV on August 4th in Somerville, MA.  The champion Canadian Superstars (J-Busta and Dave Cole) with the illustrious Johnny Fabulous will be defending tag team gold against Somerville's own Beau Douglas and DX original Road Dogg, TNA superstar BG James (with Bull Montana)!  This tag team war has revenge written all over it.

Beau's feud with the Canadian's dates back to September 2005.  After several successful title defenses with Todd Hanson over the Canadian's, Commissioner Von Johnson put the champions in a Fatal Four Way on the June 2006 ULTRA.  Johnny Fabulous had been trying to lure Todd and Beau into his stable for months, and convinced the champions that they needed someone to watch their back when they were facing three teams at the same time.  They reluctantly agreed.  Fabulous appeared to be just what the doctor ordered, as Douglas and Hanson came out on top.  However, they were immediately challenged by the Canadians after the win.  Before they could even speak, Fabulous accepted the challenge.  Late in the match while the ref was distracted, Fabulous entered the ring and hammered Hanson with his loaded briefcase leading to the Canadians stealing the titles.  It was lated revealed that while Fabulous was the legal manager of Hanson and Douglas, he had a stipulation put into their contract that they would not receive a rematch against the team they lose the titles to.  At that point, there was no way Hanson and Douglas could get a championship match against the Canadians. 

On the July ULTRA, Douglas reunited with long time friend, managerial legend Bull Montana.  After a singles victory, the Canadians and Fabulous stormed the ring, knocking out Montana on the floor with the briefcase, the Canadians double teaming Beau.  With Montana out cold, Fabulous entered the ring and proceeded to cut Douglas' hair, throwing it out to the fans.  The situation could have been worse, but luckily, WWE superstar Al Snow saw what was going on and saved the day. 

Douglas was scheduled to team with "Slyck" Wagner Brown at ROAD TO THE GOLD to challenge the Canadians.  However, before the match took place, the current tag champs and Johnny Fabulous assaulted the disabled Dan Mirade during an in-ring interview.  Douglas and Brown made the save as MWF officials tossed the terrible trio from the building. 

Many fans (and MWF officials) were expecting Al Snow to get the nod as Beau's partner.  However, WWE business on August 4th prevented Al from competing.  He's eager to return to the MWF, as between what he saw first hand as well as on tape from various MWF telecasts, he's ready to get his hands on the Canadians and Fabulous.

The return of Road Dogg has sparked great discussion.  The DX original (now TNA superstar BG James) helped put the Millennium Wrestling Federation on the map in 2001 at our first live events.  However, he was overcome by his personal demons in 2002, spent time in jail and no-showed the SUPERSTAR BENEFIT after swearing on his kids lives that he'd be there on MWF Xtra.  He disgraced himself and the MWF's efforts for "Superstar" Billy Graham, who was close to death at that point.  He stole from the MWF, and most important, he disappointed our fans.  Most never expected to see him in the MWF again.  Fast forward to TNA Slammiversary, President Jackal flew to Nashville the morning after ROAD TO THE GOLD.  After meeting with TNA officials, The Jackal was confident that Road Dogg could make a positive contribution to our biggest event of the year August 4th, and, being one of the premiere tag team wrestlers over the past ten years, that he could be the perfect partner for Beau Douglas in his quest to regain the championship stolen from him by the Canadians and Fabulous.  That doesn't mean that there aren't a lot of people questioning The Jackal's decision.

The Canadian Superstars and Johnny Fabulous have a limited amount of SOUL SURVIVOR experience.  The Canadians defeated the Texas Outlaw and Sgt. Ralph Lano in a pre-event match at SOUL SURVIVOR III.  J-Busta piledrove Lano after the win and appears to have ended the Iraq war verterans career.  SSIII was also the event where we saw Johnny Fabulous.  "JFab" charged the ring during the Lynn Street Fight, attempting to toss Todd Hanson a foreign object while battling Ox Baker's Army in the his first try at trying to land Hanson and Douglas.

Beau Douglas has been in the thick of things at each of the first three SOUL SURVIVORs. He was pinned by Jimmy Jact Ca$h at the first SS.  The following year, he joined Todd Hanson and WWE Hall of Famer "Cowboy" Bob Orton to defeat Kamala, Gino Marktino and Ox Baker's Executioner.  At SOUL SURVIVOR III, Douglas was joined by Hanson, ECW superstar The Sandman and Paulie Gilmore to crush Ox Baker's Army in a Lynn Street Fight.  Bull Montana has shined as well, winning the 2nd Annual "Boston Bad Boy" Tony Rumble Battle Royal at SSII.

Will August 4th be the night where the hometown hero sends J-Busta and Dave Cole back to Canada minus the gold?  Or does Johnny Fabulous have another trick up his sleeve?  Be there live and find out!

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