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Todd Hanson will challenged "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage for the MWF Heavyweight Championship at SOUL SURVIVOR IV, earning the opportunity after defeating Luke Robinson, Jason 'Rumble', Beau Douglas, "Slyck" Wagner Brown and Tiger Mulligan in an All-Star Challenge match on the July MWF ULTRA.

Hanson challenged Kage and came within inches of winning the championship on the June MWF ULTRA.  The crafty champion used the ropes to his advantage while out of the referees vantage point.  Hanson has had three previous championship matches against Kage and you would have to think that this might be Todd's last chance at capturing the title, on New England's grandest stage of all - SOUL SURVIVOR!

Dylan Kage has been champion since October 11th, 2003, one of the most impressive runs of any champion in any organization.  After dumping his valet Talia, he put together The Trifecta with Jimmy Jact Ca$h and "Hoochie Playa" Danny Jaxx, later revealing that the legendary Paul Bearer was the brains (and money) behind the brawn.

Todd Hanson cut his teeth in professional wrestling here in the Millennium Wrestling Federation.  He and Beau Douglas were the first MWF Tag Team Champions, winning a tag team title Royal Rumble and defeating The Islanders when it came down to the final two teams.  Hanson and Douglas were champions for nine months, when they were screwed by Johnny Fabulous and the Canadian Superstars.  A contractual clause that Fabulous put into the match prevented the ex-champs from receiving a title shot while the Canadians held the gold.  With no chance at reclaiming the tag titles, Hanson went the singles route, scoring impressive victories over Kofi Kingston (now with WWE developmental) and DC Dillenger.

A look at both mens SOUL SURVIVOR histories is also extremely impressive:

Dylan Kage pinned Vince Vicallo at the first SOUL SURVIVOR, only to be eliminated in the championship competition by being KO'd by "Slyck" Wagner Brown and a baseball match.  At SSII, he defeated the first MWF Heavyweight Champion Tiger Mulligan in a classic ladder match.  Mulligan grabbed the belt, but the referee was distracted by Danny Jaxx while Jimmy Jact Ca$h hit the ring and slammed Tiger off the ladder, placing the belt in Kage's arms.  When the official's attention returned to the ring, he declared that Dylan was the winner.  SSIII was where Paul Bearer was revealed as the leader of the Trifecta.  It was rumored that Bearer was interested in replacing Dr. Von Johnson as the MWF Commissioner, and after Von Johnson said he'd be at ringside for the championship match, Bearer said he'd be there to keep an eye on the commish.  When it appeared that Kage was within moments of losing the championship to "Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz, Bearer slipped Kage the fifteen pound gold belt, which he used as a weapon to retain the title.

Todd Hanson defeated former WWE IC Champion D-Lo Brown at SOUL SURVIVOR, leading to a sneak attack where his hair was cut and thrown on top of his grandmother at ringside.  This began a two year war with Ox Baker's Army.  At SSII, Hanson was joined by Beau Douglas and WWE Hall of Famer "Cowboy" Bob Orton to defeat Kamala, Gino Marktino and Ox Baker's Executioner.  After being squashed, Marktino offered his hand in friendship to his enemy Hanson.  At SSIII, Hanson led a squad of himself, Douglas, Paulie Gilmore and ECW superstar The Sandman to defeat Ox Baker's Army in a wild Lynn Street Fight.  This match was where Johnny Fabulous made his MWF debut, attempting to slip Todd a foreign object in an effort to lure him into his stable.

In less than five weeks, Hanson and Kage are going to get it on again.  When the dust settles, will Hanson be the hero or heartbroken?  Will Kage's evil reign come to an end or will it continue to the four year mark?  Be there live and find out!

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