Sunday, November 26th, 2006 * 1:50PM

Last night in Saugus, the next generation of NWA New England kicked off in high style.  The true winners of the night were Jason Rumble and his new manager, the one and only Johnny Fabulous.

After a last minute meeting with NWA NE officials, the opening contest of the evening was changed from Rumble facing X Division Champion "Black Lotus" Matt Ledge to a five way match where both the X and cruiserweight championships would be on the line.  Rumble wowed the sold out crowd and walked away with both championships around his waist.

Rumble also walked away with the victory in the 20 man Rumble Rumble.  Johnny Fabulous made his way to rindside while Rumble, Beau Douglas and Todd Hanson were the last three men in the ring.  Fabulous went at it with Bull Montana for a second time (see the Newsline for more details) and took the attention of the four referees away from the action in the ring.  Douglas dumped Rumble out of the ring but the officials never saw this happen.  Realizing this, Rumble ran back into the ring and dumped Douglas in front of the referere, earning himself one of the two spots in the championship main event.

Prior to the main event, referee Sal Giliberto passed Fabulous what appeared to be the same priority mail envelope given to him by Commissioner Von Johnson on the November ULTRA.  As the Luis Ortiz vs Jason Rumble vs Slyck Wagner Brown took place, Fabulous read through the papers in the folder and was constantly feeding Rumble information.  In the end, Rumble came close to breaking the back of Ortiz to become the first NWA NE Next Generation Champion, holding all three championships, the true triple crown of New England!

The questions remain, what was in the envelope that Von Johnson gave to Horshack to present to Fabulous??  Did Luis Ortiz make a mistake defending his championship against doctors orders??