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Now that the Millennium Wrestling Federation's calendar year has come to an end, we're looking to hear from our great fans as to which of the four superstars below deserves the honor of being named 2005 Wrestler Of The Year.  Please take a moment to review their accomplishments over the past year and send us your pick via email or regular mail by January 31st, 2006.  The winner will be announced on Saturday, March 4th at MWF FULL THROTTLE in Attleboro, MA.

"DIE HARD" EDDIE EDWARDS - Eddie Edwards won the finals of the MWF Television Championship tournament defeating "Mr. 630" Jerelle Clark in Bellingham, MA to become the first TV title holder this past February.  From there, Edwards had to ultra successful tours of Japan, competing for NOAH.  When he returned to the MWF, he prepared to face Billy Kidman at SOUL SURVIVOR III but was thrown a curveball last minute when Kidman was unable to appear due to demons, being forced into a triple threat match against "Hurricane" John Walters & Fergal Devitt in one of the best independent matches in all of New England this year.  Edwards ended the year on a high note, defeating MWF main stay "Slyck" Wagner Brown in a highly competetive match at CHRISTMAS CLASH.

TODD HANSON - Todd Hanson became one half of the first MWF Tag Team Champions with Beau Douglas at MWF IRON SHEIK APPRECIATION NIGHT on August 5th in Blackstone, MA.  After being one of the final two teams in the over the top rope tag team Royal Rumble, Hanson and Douglas defeated Ox Baker's Islanders to make history!  Hanson and Douglas faced every team Commissioner Von Johnson could throw their way, building to an incredible eight man Lynn Street Fight at MWF SOUL SURVIVOR III, leading a team of himself, Douglas, The Sandman and Paulie Gilmore into war against Ox Baker's Army (The Outpatient, The Islanders and Pierre "The Beast" Vachon) and coming out with their hands raised.  As 2005 came to an end, The Canadian Superstars (J-Busta & Dave Cole) took issue with the tag champions.  After retaining the titles in a series of matches, Hanson & Douglas were forced into two singles matches against the Superstars at CHRISTMAS CLASH to earn a shot at the gold on the January edition of ULTRA.  Hanson defeated J-Busta via DQ after almost two pounds of powder was thrown into his eyes.  Will Hanson still be a champion come January?  That remains to be seen.  In addition to his MWF accomplishments, Hanson shined at the Cauliflower Alley Club legends seminar in Las Vegas, NV this past April.  In May, he made his WWE debut with a victory at the FleetCenter in Boston.

"SUDDEN IMPACT" DYLAN KAGE - Dylan Kage continued to have nothing but success in the Millennium Wrestling Federation in 2005.  Having held the MWF Heavyweight Champsionship since October 12th, 2003, Kage defeated every opponent that came his way until his feud with "Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz began this summer.  Even with the help of Trifecta members Jimmy Jact Ca$h and "Hoochie Playa" Danny Jaxx, Kage had barely held onto his championship gold.  At MWF SOUL SURVIVOR III in November, it appeared that Ortiz was going to end Kage's two plus year reign as the MWF Board of DIrectors ruled that if any wrestler interfered in the match, Kage would forefit the belt.  No one was counting on Percy Pringle III/Paul Bearer (the man expected to replace Dr. Von Johnson as commissioner next month) to get involved and help Kage get the vicotry.  It was at that point the fans learned that it was Mr. Pringle who was behind a lot of the behind the scenes deals that helped the Trifecta find success in the squared circle.  While Kage will face his toughest year yet in 2006, no one can deny the champions accomplishments in 2005.

"EXTREME STRONGMAN" GINO MARTINO - Gino Martino broke away from Ox Baker's Army as 2004 came to a close and began 2005 in intense training with his mentor and former WWE World Heavyweight Champion The Iron Sheik.  Martino engaged in some brutal battles with Army members such as The Outpatient, Pierre "The Beast" Vachon, Damian Vachon and wrestling great The Missing Link.  Martino's biggest victory came this past September at MWF ROAD TO THE GOLD 2005 when he defeated "The Ugandan Giant" Kamala to win Ox Baker's AWA Brass Knux Championship in Lynn, MA!  In the early 1980's, Baker beat up the Crusher at his bar in Milwaukee, WI and took what was then the brass knux trophy.  This summer, Ox had the tropy transformed into a championship belt and put his precious gold up for grabs....the end result was that it wound up in the hands of his enemy, Gino Martino.  Martino faced them all and knocked them down with the hardest head in professional wrestling.  He'll be looking over his shoulder at what assassin Ox tries to take him out with in the new year, but Ox couldn't find a man to do the job in 2005.

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