Thursday, October 13th, 2005 * 8:53PM

MWF HALLOWEEN HORROR is almost upon us as the Millennium Wrestling Federation debuts at the Attleboro Moose Lodge in Attleboro, MA on Saturday night, October 22nd.

In the main event, "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage will defend the Millennium Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champsionship against Osirus.  Kage celebrated his two year anniversary as MWF champion on October 12th and seems to be devoting most of his attention towards his championship match against "Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz at SOUL SURVIVOR III on November 5th.  Osirus is a newcomer to the MWF and looks more impressive in each outing.  If Kage isn't careful, his being tricked could lead to a treat for Osirus in the form of fifteen pounds of gold.

There is a lot of talk around the MWF Tag Team Championship match on October 22nd.  Originally, the champions Todd Hanson & Beau Douglas were scheduled to face The Trifecta (Jimmy Jact Ca$h and "Hoochie Playa" Danny Jaxx), as they were on September 24th at ROAD TO THE GOLD.  However, the MWF Board of Directors once again overruled Commissioner Von Johnson as Ca$h and Jaxx have yet to team in the MWF.  Hanson & Douglas will now put the gold on the line against the impressive Canadian Senations (J-Busta & Dave Cole) while The Trifecta will take on Southern Extreme (Texas Outlaw & The Widowmaker) in a tag team challenge match.  The board overruling Von Johnson yet again only adds to the speculation that Paul Bearer will be named commissioner on November 5th.

"The Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino puts the AWA Brass Knux Championship belt on the line against a member of Ox Baker's Army, the massive Outpatient.  The Outpatient was victorious over "Veteran" Paulie Gilmore at ROAD TO THE GOLD last month and Ox is counting on the Outpatient to get back the Brass Knux belt, the same belt he put up from his personal collection for the Martino-Kamala bloodbath in Lynn.  Baker claims he will not rest until he regains the belt he feels was stolen from his clutches when Martino defeated Kamala.

In other matches, "Veteran" Paulie Gilmore will be taking on The Islanders in a Handicapped Match.  Gilmore has become an enemy of the commissioner in recent times and Dr. Von Johnson has certainly stacked the odds against him, forcing Gilmore to face two 400 pound monsters.  Jon Thornhill faces Nick Narcisstic in a top contenders match, looking to impress the board and perhaps earn a shot at the MWF Heavyweight or TV Championships.  To top it all off, Attleboro legend Gary Gold will take on Chris Blackheart in a Attleboro Moose Lodge Grudge Match in the final match of a best of three series.  The entire city of Attleboro will be behind Gary Gold on October 22nd.

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