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NOTE:  our video production studio does not have an incoming telephone line, this is the address to our production facility & for fan mail only - for any business related issues please use the email address above.  Please DO NOT send items to be autographed by any of our superstars as they are rarely at the studio.  We are not responsible for any items sent to us.

Join the MWF Team

As the Millennium Wrestling Federation prepares to lock in it's 2017-2018 live event schedule, we're once again launching our "CALL TO ACTION CAMPAIGN" (as featured on in search of hungry, young athletes to join our roster! 

Any interested professional wrestlers need:
--  to be fully trained by a reputable school / trainer
--  be in good physical condition
--  to provide a resume
--  to provide recent matches and interviews on video
--  to provide a recent promo photo

Contact to join the next chapter of our 15 year (and growing) adventure!

For wrestling booking consideration in the Millennium Wrestling Federation, athletes need to send a resume and video of full length matches and promo work.  A high resolution photo is also appreciated.  Please provide your name, telephone number and email address.  A video is required for consideration - we do not book talent without seeing them in action beforehand.  While the MWF's roster is overloaded at any given time, we're always looking for hungry, young athletes with a passion for the king of sports. 

(NOTE:  the MWF does not have a facility to train professional wrestlers.  If interested in an in-ring career, please watch and consider topics from John Cena Sr.'s "Wrestling 101" video to guide you in your journey.

It's an exciting time to be part of the Millennium Wrestling Federation!  Our live event schedule is expanding, superstars known on a worldwide basis will be debuting and returning. With excitement in the air, we're looking to add self motivated individuals to help in various areas of needs.  If you've ever wanted to enter the world of professional wrestling, we have several positions that are a key component to successful events:

MWF STREET TEAM - distributing flyers and promotional materials for Millennium Wrestling Federation live events and appearances throughout local cities and towns, school areas, shopping centers and other high traffic areas. 

VIDEO PRODUCTION - helping with video cameras and other television equipment at MWF live events and at MWF studios.  It would be a plus to have a background using the equipment (a high school or college class, membership at local television station).

LIVE EVENT STAFFING - providing security during MWF live events and helping set-up/breakdown of events (ring, chairs, etc.).

LOCAL PROMOTERS - coordinating MWF live events, ticket sales, sponsorships, etc.  Paid on a commission basis only.

Here is your opportunity to get your foot into the door of the professional wrestling industry, one like no other!  With the exception of Local Promoters, these are mainly volunteer positions with the possibility of compensation or other perks, along with attendance of all Millennium Wrestling Federation live events, being able to interact with our team and learning the wrestling business from a grass roots level.

For consideration, please e-mail us today with your area of interest and any background you may have. 

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